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Discover the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation with our specialized healing massage therapies and advanced facial treatments, tailored specifically for mature women. Our dynamic offerings promise to leave you refreshed and revitalized, enhancing your natural beauty and well-being from head to toe. Indulge in an experience designed to renew your spirit and body, making you feel truly pampered and rejuvenated.

I'm Excited You're Here!

Let our skilled therapist melt away your stress in a private 1-to-1 boutique setting.

Enjoy meticulously crafted treatment pairings or a single service such as Cryo Lift, Body Salvation Massage, or OxyJet, designed to pamper you and deliver visible results.

Whether you seek relaxation or targeted solutions, our expert services ensure a blissful experience and a radiant glow that lasts.

Treat yourself to the transformative luxury you deserve and discover the perfect synergy of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Customer Review

Jennifer W. - Harrisburg, PA

Since commencing my cryotherapy body sculpting sessions with Vixen, I've witnessed a remarkable transformation in my body's contour and firmness. Within a mere eight weeks, I've experienced a rejuvenation that I believed was beyond reach, attaining a more youthful appearance. Vixen's tailored attention and professional guidance have revolutionized my perception of my body. I am ecstatic with the outcome!

How it Works


I want to get to know you and your skin, so I've included everything you need in your initial Skin Transformation Session. You'll begin by filling out a detailed questionnaire and providing a photo. The first part of your session will involve a focused phone conversation about your health, lifestyle, and any specific concerns. During this time, I'll understand your goals, budget, and lifestyle to tailor the service to your unique needs. We'll also schedule the second part of your session, which includes a facial service, while we're on the phone. Your well-being and relaxation are my top priorities.


At my serene and inviting spa boutique, I am dedicated to providing a personalized and rejuvenating experience. Your private session begins with a detailed conversation about any updates to your health, lifestyle, and any specific areas of tension or concern taken from the form you filled out prior to your arrival. I will dedicate time to understanding your goals and customizing the service to meet your specific needs. Your well-being and relaxation are my top priorities.


I select the best combination of massage and skin care treatments, including clinical facials, tailored to your unique needs and concerns.

Each of my innovative facial treatments can be further customized to address your specific skin care needs, thanks to the professional products I use.

Whether you need deep relaxation, muscle relief, hydration, anti-aging, or pigmentation solutions, I have the perfect options for you.


The right skincare products and massage recommendations are essential to maintaining your health and beauty. With all the products available it can be hard to make the right choices for your skin and body health. I'll design a personalized regimen tailored to your unique needs. No more having a drawer full of products that don't work.

The best results are obtained by using a few really good products that directly address your body and skin concerns.

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